The KIVI (Royal Institute of Engineers) department North, Tuesday evening held a meeting in Beilen on to activate the entrepreneurial competences of the engineers, present at the event.

The method was learning by playing by LE-Game silver, which is a somewhat more realistic and complete version of the Learning Entrepreneurship Game (LE-Game). This simulation game, silver version, also includes the registration of purchase and sales transactions, the calculation of VAT (included & excluded), the payment of VAT, etc.

The game was extremely fascinating. For me it has provided the insight that if you organize your own supply chain, and make upwards and downwards in the supply chain clear and profitable proposals , things will automatically get going. As a Producer, I have been focusing on making mono towers. I took the orders for mono towers from the world market myself. Subsequently with Suppliers, I ordered the parts that I needed based on the prices on the supplier market. I even bought parts for whole towers, knowing what my selling price would be.
It all paid off. I went like a rocket.

The discussion was lively, the game ensured that literally every participant was fully engaged in his own company. As a Supplier of LEGO material, as a Manufacturer of LEGO towers or as a Trader in LEGO towers.

During the event, also the behavioral styles of the participants were also measured. The interaction ensured that the internal networks of the KIVI participants were activated while playing the role game simulation.
The evaluation showed that the participants had playfully experienced different of aspects of entrepreneurship: the identifying of opportunities, the taking of calculated risks, negotiating, experiencing competition and above all the realizing of added value. The latter, also referred to as ‘just earning money’, proves itself to be a difficult, even in a game simulation like LE-Game


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