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Re-Xplore and LE-Network joining forces

From January 1, 2018, Re-Xplore and LE-Network have joined forces. LE-Network will continue to focus on the development and research of game simulations. Re-Xplore is responsible for the implementation of the LE-Game and LO-Game game simulations and is going to develop training courses so that teachers in education can operate independently as game leaders.

Signing of the LE-Network License Agreement with partner Bernoud Jonker of Re-Xplore
From left to right Henk Roelofs and Bernoud Jonker

On December 27, 2017, author Henk Roelofs (L) signed the license agreement on behalf of LE-Network – as a licensor – with partner Bernoud Jonker on behalf of Re-Xplore as a licensee.

Re-Xplore is a new name, but not unknown to education. Our partner Bernoud Jonker has been providing game simulations (Serious Gaming) for a number of years in education both at home and abroad. Re-Xplore also has a national network of qualified game leaders with a passion for education.

Through the collaboration between LE-Network and Re-Xplore, different game simulations can be offered as enrichment of the curriculum (for example economics or entrepreneurship) or as an event such as during open days or at the start of the new school year.

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