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What is the Russian Basic Vocabulary Education program?

Learn Russian using LE-Voculearn and LA-Game on European CEF A1 Level

During the language simulation game ‘LA-Game’, a basic vocabulary of approximately 20 words is learned in a quick and playful way. During the game, participants may speak exclusively in the foreign language, such as Russian. In addition, during the LA-Game game simulation, all senses are stimulated to enhance learning experiences. One tastes, smells, sees, hears and feels the culture in question.

This is accomplished by organizing all kinds of activities in the game simulations that activate all 5 senses, thereby encouraging and remembering the learning process. (“Reference Creation” we call this).
By activating your senses, you have as many experiences with the language as possible. You experience, feel, taste, smell, hear and see the strange language as it were. And that works. It is the most impactful learning method.

Learning Russian words is digitally supported by the smart idiom learning program LE-VocuLearn. Who uses the power of the repetition. The LE-VocuLearn program provides the user with the ability to systematically teach a large amount of Russian words.

Together, these two products provide a teaching program that makes it possible to learn Russian in 5 lessons of approximately 2 hours.

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Who can use the Russian basic vocabulary program?

Various training levels such as VWO + and HBO as an introduction to this foreign language

Why use the Russian basic vocabulary program?

Introducing Russian culture and basic Russian learning.

  • basic vocabulary

  • Common European Framework (CEF) A1 level

  • Introduction to the Russian culture

What I found very valuable was that the module included Russian more than just the language. The students also really got something from the country and Russian culture.
Annette Zoetelief, Hondsrug College


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