Project Description

What is the logistics & business education program?

Course operations management and logistics

At the game simulations ‘LO Games’ the participants experience business processes in their own specific role as part of one single organization. For example, as a production employee, as an (assistant) manager, or as a production department manager, or in another specific role in the general management, the administration department or in procurement or in sales.

That implies that each participant will get insights in the consequences of their own actions for the entire organization, and of course for the processes themselves. Because there are several versions of LO-Game, participants due to the fact that they will perform different roles in these sessions, also each get a different perspective. They will acquaint unique learning experiences in an authentic learning environment.

The game simulations can be used several times, where in most cases the complexity of the specific sessions will increase.

Specific themes and topics can easily be integrated in the separate game simulations by various assignments and study tasks that are available in our courses. For example, determine cost prizes, make a planning, implement such a planning, do some MRP calculations, create a new technical production drawings, etc.

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Who can use logistics & business processes?

Training in logistics both MBO and HBO.

Why use logistics and business processes?

Understanding of processes by experiencing this one from the other side

  • learn collectively: get more synergy by cooperating

  • improve the internal networks of the organization by conducting common activities.

  • show business operations from a different angle, leading to better common understanding, better perceptions and deeper insights in management of operations.

  • experiment in a safe training environment, for example to test (new) procedures or working methods.

  • realize a better team spirit because the same business processes are in the roles of the simulation experienced from “a totally different angle and therefore perspective”.

  • make participants aware of the effects of individual behavior styles on business operations and on the processes of internal communications.

  • Conduct several assignments that strengthen the reflection phase of the unique learning experiences and therefore the effectively of learning and teaching processes


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