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What is LO-Game?

The logistics simulation game: “Legostic management”

LO-Game is a simulation game in which each participant is assigned to a specific department of a manufacturing organization in a role as an employee or a manager. The production organization makes LEGO towers on behalf of customers.

That happens in six departments which are associated with specific operations. In each department there are one or more roles, for example the Department Warehouse Raw materials has both a manager and an assistant manager. There are also three Production Departments, each with a production manager and one or more production workers. So a fairly complex set of people who (should) work together in business operations.

In the first version, there is no cash flow yet, but solely the flow of goods of LEGO-bricks and the information forms associated to the production process. The complexity is increased step by step in later versions: the introduction of cash flows (money), a greater diversity in LEGO towers, the recording of working time, digital measurements of processes, etc.

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Who can use LO-Game?

Companies, organizations or educational institutions in the field of logistics or operational management.

Why use LO-Game?

Improve internal networks by being jointly active.

  • learn collectively: get more synergy by cooperating with colleagues

  • improve the internal networks of the organization by conducting common activities.

  • show business operations to your employees from a different angle, leading to better common understanding, better perceptions and deeper insights in management of operations.

  • Let your employees experiment in a safe training environment, for example to test (new) procedures or working methods.

  • Realize a better team spirit because the same business processes are in the roles of the simulation experienced from “a totally different angle and therefore perspective”.

  • Make your employees aware of the effects of individual behavior styles on business operations and on the processes of internal communications.

What versions of LO-Game are available?

From beginner (basic) to advanced (gold)

LO-Game is available in the versions “base, silver, gold and ICT”. These three versions are expanded as the level of logistics and business processes increases. This begins with the basis of logistical concepts and reconciliation issues. You will learn about tasks and responsibilities, responsibilities and stereotyped behavior. The goal is ultimately to understand the dynamics of an effective process.

In the silver version, here are the production plans and cash flows. And, with cost prices and balance, you will learn a profit statement.

Finally, in gold version, learn to handle a flexible process, a decentralized purchasing process and a customer order decoupling point. Supported with the associated company administration.

The ICT version is comparable to the gold version with digital information streams.

All versions are available from € 12.50 excluding guidance.


Of course, it’s a lot cheaper if you manage the game simulations yourself. Certainly if you do that more often. That saves a lot of costs. Travel expenses, external costs of game guidance and game guidance, for example. For example, licensing costs can be obtained from the game material for a period of 3 years. Would you like more information about our licenses please look at the license page?


If you are interested in this product, you can request a quote on the contact page or for other questions below contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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