Project Description

What is LE-Voculearn?

An effective method of learning a language at your own pace

The internet based program Voculearn is a learning tool to learn in a systematic way a large amount of “language data”. In most cases this will be words or sentences in the chosen language, but also some other topics can be integrated like list of medical vocabulary or learning multiplication tables The characteristic added value of Voculearn is the focus on reflection during the stepwise learning process.

Use the power of repetition with LE-VocuLearn. The LE-VocuLearn program provides the user with the ability to systematically teach a large amount of words.
In most cases, these words or sentences will be in a foreign language, but the program can also be used for many other subjects, such as lists of medical terms and learning of the multiplication tables.
Characteristic of LE-VocuLearn is the attention to reflection of the acquired knowledge during the learning process.
For effective learning, LE-Network and her partners have developed a system that repeats learning material at increasing intervals. Repetition of teaching material appears to be the only real remedy against forgetfulness.
The property of LE-VocuLearn is the fact that you have a fixed end date for learning. The intervals are always adjusted to the possibilities of the time available to practice.
LE-VocuLearn is very useful in a class situation next to an existing classroom or as a substitute for a separate idiom.

Who can use LE-VocuLearn?

Individuals and groups in education, organizations and companies

Why use LE-Voculearn?

LE-Voculearn offers a unique opportunity to systematically learn a new language

Workable lists may contain up to 8,000 items.
An end date can be set for the subjects to be taught.
It is impossible to type in incorrect answers.
If a word is known, it will only be offered after a while.
If a word is not known, it will be offered again from next day.
It is not necessary to work with the program every day, the program re-allocates time to the end date.
The program is suitable for many languages.
It can be done with ready-to-use glossaries, but it is also possible to provide a list, which is then made suitable for the program.

I prepare for staying abroad. I myself also play until the stop button is purple. Are you a little addicted to it? (Purple means 2x the number of words required for that day)
In the lesson program we are talking about Russian culture, with LE-VocuLearn building their first vocabulary.
Oksana Lanting, Hondsrug College

What versions of LE-Voculearn are available?


For the use of LE-Voculearn in education you can apply for a trial license of 1 year. For LE-Voculearn we currently offer a nice offer to try! For the year 2017/2018 you will pay the small price of just € 0.97 per user + Starting price € 24.20 for 25 users.

Instead of the normal price € 2.42 per user + Starting price € 60.50 for 25 users so get ready and take that discount, order LE-Voculearn now!

Advantages for education

  •   Savings of money, idiom books are unnecessary.
  •   Saving time, written interim audits unnecessary.
  •   Progression portals for teachers with periodic insight into usage.


For the use of LE-Voculearn outside of education, production costs of € 12.50 are calculated + € 2, 50 per 2 users.
You will then receive 1 glossary of your choice and a license period of 2 years.


If you are interested in this product, you can request a quote on the contact page or for other questions below contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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