Project Description

What is LE-Vision?

Visualize your dream in 7 steps to self-knowledge and a vision-board

The workshop “LE-Vision from LE-Network will help you visualize your dream. By performing 7 steps to self-knowledge and the making of a vision-board will you end up the workshop with an image that characterizes your dream.

The workshop uses all senses of the entrepreneur. After a personal welcome the workshop leader will introduces the content with the help of the story “I have a dream” from Martin Luther King jr. Of course the context of the life story of him will be pointed out.

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Who can use LE-Vision?

Everyone looking for self-knowledge, both in education and individuals.

Why use LE-Vision?

For a better understanding of your goals and dreams.

  • Develop a road map of self-knowledge

  • Creation of an image that characterizes your personal dream

  • Develop your own vision and its accompanying story


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