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What is LE-Game?

The entrepreneurship game

LE-Game is a game simulation, each participant taking on a role as an independent entrepreneur. With accompanying business card. Each participant has its own company with the same starting capital: 2500 €. This is present in the form of LEGO material and (to a limited extent) as cash. There are 3 types of companies in the game:

The traders supplying the towers they buy from the producers
The producers who produce multicolored towers for retailers or monochrome for the market
The suppliers who supply the building blocks to the producers.

Objective for each participant is to become and remain a successful profitable endeavor. This requires development of the entrepreneurship competencies of the participants. Those are getting fired: a “pull” system of learning. Making mistakes is positive because you learn, while learning more about your successes. As the English say, “Success drives success”.

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Who can use LE-Game?

Businesses, organizations or educational institutions in the field of entrepreneurship.

Why use LE-Game?

Learn and experience discovering opportunities.

  • Experience what it means to be an entrepreneur:

  • Learn to create added value

  • Learn and experience the discovering of opportunities

  • Experience the risks of entrepreneurship

  • Experience and learn the financial (im)possibilities

  • Learn to negotiate, learn to analyze supply and demand

  • Create your own network of business partners (also useful after the game simulation)

  • Develop your soft skills: LE-Game promotes entrepreneurial behavior

What versions of LE-Game are available?

From beginner (basic) to advanced (gold)

LE-Game is available in the versions “base, silver and gold”. These three versions become more comprehensive as the level of entrepreneurship increases. This way you start with the basic version with opportunities & possibilities and the gun factor. But of course also with the basic elements such as risk estimation and dealing with the competition.

For example, in the silver version, you can check the administrative processes. And teaches you dealing with lending and VAT issues.

To finally try the gold version with international markets and currencies.

All 3 versions are available from € 12.50 excluding guidance.


Of course, it’s a lot cheaper if you manage the game simulations yourself. Certainly if you do that more often. That saves a lot of costs. Travel expenses, external costs of game guidance and game guidance, for example. For example, licensing costs can be obtained from the game material for a period of 3 years. Would you like more information about our licenses please look at the license page?


If you are interested in this product, you can request an offer on the contact page or for other questions below contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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