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What is LE-Game lectureship?

Training program for a LE-Game lecturer and game leader

The Workshop “LE-Game lecturer and game leader ” consists of two one-day training sessions: “LE-Game Lecturer A and Lecturer B”, in which you will acquire the skills and the power to conduct the simulation LE-Game by yourself, so independently from LE-Network. Of course this will save costs because the cost of playing the game supported by LE Network game leaders, is not necessary any more. However, the school needs to have a game version and the license to play the game

The first day you will learn what the game is and how the different game versions can be deployed.

The second day the focus is on entrepreneurial behavior: what characterizes such behavior and how one can measure this entrepreneurial behavior of the participants and even encourage such entrepreneurial behavior

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Who can use LE-Game lectureship?

Everyone who wants to take the initiative to put the entrepreneurship game into play.

Why use LE-Game lectureship?

Independently, you can put the LE-Game game simulations to use on your own.

  • Acquire the expertise to conduct the LE Game simulation independently by yourself


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