Project Description

What is LE-Budget?

Game simulation about a budget-driven (education) organization

LE Budget focuses on business processes in budget-driven organizations. Particularly on the lump sum problem of schools. LE Budget is a role-playing simulation that focuses on the operational management of the production process in a school.

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Who could use LE-Budget?

Anyone who wants to learn how to handle budgets, both educational institutions and companies and organizations

Why use LE-Budget?

Consequences of decision making for the depletion of budgets are immediately visible.

  • Introduction with a business simulation in the form of role game

  • Introduction with the approach to regard the services of a school as a normal “production” processes (is experienced very visually!)

  • Take note of important characteristics of the flow of goods and the information flows

  • Gain insight into tuning problems of business by “thinking in peronsal kingdoms”

  • Consequences of the decision for the budgets are shown immediately

  • Financial consequences of any decision or action is illustrative excperienced

What versions of LE-Budget are available?

LE-Budget is available at the price of € 12.50 per participant excluding guidance.


Of course, it’s a lot cheaper if you manage the game simulations yourself. Certainly if you do that more often. That saves a lot of costs. Travel expenses, external costs of game guidance and game guidance, for example. For example, licensing costs can be obtained from the game material for a period of 3 years. Would you like more information about our licenses please look at the license page?


If you are interested in this product, you can request a quote on the contact page or for other questions below contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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