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What is LE-Behaviour?

The behavioral style of yourself and of your team

The Behavioural Style Scan “LE-Behaviour” is a method that can be used to have a quick overview of your behavioural style in relation to your surroundings and in relation to your team. The behaviour style scan focuses on the change in your behaviour. Of the Basic behaviour style (Unconscious behaviour) towards the Response style behaviour (how do you react on your personal environment). In the Behaviour style scan the relative change is measured..

A specific version of the personal behaviour style scan is the team behaviour style, which allows you to get insight in changing your team by adding or removing persons.

The behavioural style scan is based on the theory of Jung and Meyers, containing a clear typology of the way someone behaves. A behavioural style is not right or wrong but depending on the situation; each style has its pro’s or con’s depending on the situation.

Everyone’s behaviour can be represented by four colours. Dominant is represented by the red colour, influential by yellow, disciplined by blue and harmony by green.

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Who can use LE-Behaviour?

Individuals and groups in education, organizations and companies

The behavioral scanning LE-Behavior is a useful tool. Both individually to determine the personal behavioral style and for multiple people in a group. For the latter there is the unique “team scan”.

Why use LE-Behaviour?

Become aware of your own or your team’s dynamics

  • Insight in your own personal behaviour.

  • Learn how you respond to certain situations.

  • Insight in your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Which behaviour color represents you?

  • The pro’s and con’s of a certain behavioural style.

What versions of LE-Behaviour are available?

Personal or with each other

For LE Behavior we offer 2 versions, namely the individual scan and the team scan.

Individuele scan

Waardevol is het om te weten wat de kenmerkende gedragsstijl van uw vrienden, familie, collega’s of teamleden is. Ook kan het bepaald nuttig zijn als u inzicht heeft in hoe uw gedrag door anderen wordt gezien! En hoe anderen op u gedrag reageren. Dat is handig, want zo kunt u uw scherpe kantjes van het eigen gedrag afhalen. Het veranderen van iemand anders gedrag is immers vele malen moeilijker, mocht ‘t überhaupt al mogelijk zijn.

Team behaviour style scan

Experience shows that behaviour styles are quite important in business team processes. Whenever a tean consists of persons of predominantly one specific major behaviour style, there willl be conflicts, espcially when ”opposite” colours are present in the team.

Generally in a team one tries to get a balanced team with regards to the behaviour style and of course the awareness of these differences among the teammembers. To find such a balanced team we developed the team behaviour style scan. A very useful instrument., this behavioural style scan is an excellent tool for the analysis of the group to begin with. Our experience with groups in this context has been remarkable.


Of course, it’s a lot cheaper if you manage the behavioral scan yourself. Certainly if you do that more often. That saves a lot of costs. Travel expenses, the external costs of supervision, for example. For example, with licensing costs, the material can be borrowed for a period of 3 years. Would you like more information about our licenses please look at the license page?


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