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What is LE-App?

Measuring (learning) experiences

With our LE app, which is available for both apple and android, we can measure the learning effects quickly. Of a game simulation, but otherwise, actually of any kind of (lesson) experience. Was it fun? And / or good? What experiences in particular? Young people, as evidenced by the pilots, do such a test on their smartphones within 1 minute. Older people (60+ etc) usually need tenfold in time, or even more. Perhaps another mindset?
For example, prior to the game simulation LE-Game: “Did you experience that you should take risks?” And after the game simulation again the same question. Or the question: “Did you create a better network?” In principle, the number of questions is unlimited. We usually use a piece of 9.Get will be on the Likert scale: from 1-5, both the first time and the second time tested. So we can measure the development, the Δ.
For testing we have 3 types of Likert scales in LE-App: emotions, rating on a 1,2,3,4,5 scale and thumb (s) down or up. The development of LE-App was once intended to measure the experiences and performance of the participants in LE-Game, LO-Game and LA-Game. In order to better monitor the learning processes and also to be able to determine that these game simulations are also the most effective learning method.
Through LE-App we also asked for the learning effects, before and after the game simulations like LE-Game or LO-Game. The results confirm what we actually know: the impact on learning is very high.

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Our tests showed, for example, at LO-Game that one had clearly gained insight into operational management. The data also showed that “learning of mistakes” in the participants provoked the most positive emotions. Thus, the theory of Karl Popper “Lernen aus Fehlern” is indeed somewhat confirmed.
At LE-Game, the results showed that one had indeed created a much better personal network and that one had experienced risk taking.


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