Project Description

What is LA-Game?

The language simulation game

LA-Game is a game simulation that plays a simplified version of LE-Game in a foreign language in 2 hours. A version with only 7 color building blocks (2 × 2 bumps and 2 × 4 bumps) and 7 color ground plates. That, as we know, ensures that communication between the players is very fast. A communication supported by a “wordwriter” (wordfan) that displays the various basic concepts and simple dialogues in a useful, useful way.

In addition to the game simulation, all kinds of activities take place to stimulate the senses, so that learning experiences can be remembered more quickly. (Reference creation is the name for this). Therefore, learn by using all your senses constantly. Feel, taste, smell, hear and see the foreign language and its culture, while in the game simulations you will always experience positive emotions in the deals you close. That works. You learn very quickly a basic vocabulary in a foreign language. For example, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Hindi, but also languages ​​that are closer to German, Dutch or Frisian.

LA-Game is supported with LE-Voculearn learning software. The VocuLearn program provides the user with the ability to systematically learn a large amount of “language data”. In most cases, these words or sentences will be in a foreign language, but the program can also be used for many other topics, such as lists of medical terms and learning of the tables of multiplication. Characteristic of Voculearn is the attention to reflection of the acquired knowledge during the learning process.

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Who can use LA-Game?

Companies, organizations or educational institutions in the field of language learning.

Why use LA-Game?

To enable communication on the uniform CEF A1 European level.

  • basic communication in a foreign language because of the learned basic vocabulary (eg, about 20 Chinese words or about athe same amount in Hindi as has been shown in the various tests, for more familiar languages ​​the learning effect is much larger)

  • The objective is to allow communication on the wellknown CEF A1 European level. That is realized for a large part (the writing skills less because this is not incorporated in the game simulation)

  • Introduction to the corresponding culture in a playfull way

  • All the senses are activated, leading to unique -personal- learning experiences

What versions of LA-Game are available?

LA-Game can be used for any language using 2 native speakers.

At this time, the LA-Game versions below are available. However, LA-Game in combination with LE-Voculearn can be used for any language. Therefore, you may contact us at any time if your preferred language is not available. The LA-Game simulation games are performed at the soft price of € 12.50 per person excluding guidance. The simulation duration varies between 45 minutes and 3 hours.


Of course, it’s a lot cheaper if you manage the game simulations yourself. Certainly if you do that more often. That saves a lot of costs. Travel expenses, external costs of game guidance and game guidance, for example. For example, licensing costs can be obtained from the game material for a period of 3 years. Would you like more information about our licenses please look at the license page?

Translation Services

In addition to the LA-Game Languages game, LE-Network also offers translation services. We have translated the Drenthe Magazine into Chinese. We also have experience with German / NL and NL / German, including the Bourtanger Moor project. Using our network we can provide various translations, for an impression, see the different versions of LA-Game. In short: if you would like to have certain texts in another language, please contact us!


If you are interested in this product, you can request a quote on the contact page or for other questions below contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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