Project Description

What is entrepreneurship in action?

Study program entrepreneurship with LE-Game

LE-Network offers support in Study Programs: entrepreneurial learning processes which include more than just one session of LE-Game. For example LE-Game Silver (VAT and administrative processes) and LE-Game Gold (export markets, more currencies, labor market). Specific assignments linked to experiences of the participants during the game simulations are an important topic of this entrepreneurial study program. These focus on the reflection aspects of the experience, using these to optimize the teaching and learning effects.

Also within this Study Program on Entrepreneurship, the simulation games of LE-Network are used to optimize the effectiveness of the entrepreneurship’s learning processes, especially by creating opportunities during the LE-Games for ‘unique learning experiences’. The results is that the teaching using a “book” as the core element, now plays a minor role in the individual’s and the collective learning processes. Books are used as a reference option not as an experience

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Who can use entrepreneurship in action?

Educational program to teach entrepreneurship both MBO and HBO.

Why use entrepreneurship in action?

Developing entrepreneurship skills by participating

Experience what it means to be an entrepreneur:

Learn to create added value

Learn and experience the discovering of opportunities

Experience the risks of entrepreneurship

Experience and learn the financial (im)possibilities

Learn to negotiate, learn to analyse supply and demand

Create your own network of business partners (also useful after the game simulation)

Develop your soft skills: LE-Game promotes entrepreneurial behaviour


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