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Use the game simulations of LE-Network by yourself

For when schools and other organizations prefer to organize the game simulations, workshops, learning software & courses of LE-Network themselves, that’s possible. For example, they have the possibility to buy a licence. In this way they are free to use the game simulations in educational processes or in other situations whenever they want to. The same applies to licences of the behavior style scans of LE Behaviour, which than can be used whenever one wants to use them.

The purchase of a licenses from LE-Network implies that of the necessary materials to conduct the game simulations yourself is provided. So you will receive among other things,

  • A manual with detailed instructions on how to use the simulation games.
  • Accompanied to the manual here are several assignments to strengthen the impact of learning & teaching processes.
  • Game materials (role cards & enough LEGO bricks in the right colours)
  • Optionally, it is possible to get support on site by LE-Network

In addition to full purchase, there is also the possibility to lend the material, for example, over a period of 3 years. This is done to lower the costs and to receive updates of innovations and improvements of LE-Network.
Due to the mission and vision of LE-Network we are always looking for an affordable solution.

Why would you purchase a license?

Of course it is a lot cheaper if you organize the game simulations by yourself. Especially if you want to do that more often. After all, this saves costs. For example travel costs, the external costs of game organizers and of game support. Instead of these costs, there are license fees for the game materials and equipment, this can be obtained also be borrowed for a period of 3 years.

Available Licenses from LE-Network

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