About LE-Network

LE-Network as an innovative company!

Stagnation means decline, is a famous saying. It shows clearly that it is necessary for any organization to respond to new developments. The world is constantly changing. Continuously insights are changing, as are market demands, stakeholders and techniques. The opportunities that exist to address these new issues should be exploited, as much as possible.

The organization of LE-Network has the strategy of “constructive opportunism”. Here we do not try to be in strict control at all times and to schedule tightly, but we focus on reacting to what is happening today and consider what the best next step will be to take. An important fact is that we have experienced that the teams continously are changing and so are the goals we pursue.

For the organization this means that it requires a permanent dialogue between team members: where is our goal today and what has changed? We then choose the next step that brings us closer, to this goal, without knowing exactly what to do next. At LE-Network we operate according to this system for many years now. Because we have experienced that the teams and thus the achievable goals-always are changing.

What do we do?

The mission and vision of LE-Network

The key in LE-Network’s mission statement is being a socially responsible edupreneurial organization. In our vision the well known three P’s of Corporate Social Responsibility, namely “People”, “Planet” and “Profit” are based on a fourth P: “Passion”. A passion that we see evoking because of the synergy between entrepreneurship and education: “edupreneurial”.
True passion is not fake, it ensures authenticity that strengthens everyone’s positioning in their personal network. Passion for entrepreneurial education at LE-Network enhances everyone’s reputation capital.
The mere existence of LE-Network therefore is not only based on the professionals operating in LE-Network but especially based on an enthusiastic and large network of supporters and volunteers.

How do we do it?

With the edupreneurial method

Often it takes time and effort to take the first step in taking a new business process, work process or study material and knowledge. Other things are more important than spending a lot of time on learning processes. The time to follow a long-term, long-term course is often lacking, but it is often not the intention to master perfect theory: learning to understand, understand what the meaning is and communicate more about it is sufficient.

Switching and learning a different process often requires a lot of effort and time through conventional methods. Often you just do not get it and keep it for good intentions. The lesson material, textbooks or handouts disappear on the stack.

For more than 10 years, Henk has experienced that role play simulations are very effective for learning processes. “Enterprise is my passion,” he says. With the help of the game simulations and behavioral scans, various publications have been presented, presented at various conferences. Also, some publications have been presented in international magazines.
More information about the science behind the “Entrepreneurial” methodology can be found on the Edupreneurial website.

Learning is a matter of experience and reference. Through our experiences we gather information, which we then give a place in our reference, the ‘image’ from which we perceive the world. The results of this process are anchored by our emotions in our reflexes, the automisms that control our behavior and regulate our communication. Things do not last until they feel “knocked” to us. You learn from us by doing, using your own learning experiences. You are learning yourself!

The network

Let me introduce

LE Network has over 10 years experience with role play simulations. LE Network in its 13 years of existence, has always been a dynamic environment. In its organization it is the people who see opportunities and challenges to get the organization and themselves to a higher level. So a flexible organization with highly innovative power. A network organization based on the added value of each individual.
Many persons have contributed, offered support and thought with us. The executing core of the organization in the last decennium has been formed by:

Henk Roelofs
Henk RoelofsScientist and teacher
The man behind the scientific support and founder of the game simulations ans behaviour style scans. Several publications presented at different conferences and published in international magazines are showing this. An overview of abstracts you can find at the download page, more information is presented at edupreneurial.com
Ronald Zuidema
Ronald ZuidemaDirector
Director, simulation game manager , developer and organizor of concepts and workshops. Likes to meet and discuss with you about this learning and teaching methodology with the largest impact.
Harry Steernberg
Harry SteernbergInternship supervisor
The man at LE-Network who has specific expertise in human resource management and organizes the coaching and monitoring of students doing their intership or final degree thesis at LE-Network. This implies more than just a nice and innovative internship. Also approriate reporting and accountability of the process is required.

Parnters of the network

In collaboration with:

LE-Network has also spread wide-ranging collaboration with various companies around the world. Below you can see which companies are, or have been, and were part of the LE network.

Volunteers, the heart of our organization

Partly thanks to:

Below are some names of people who belong to the network of LE. Are you inspired and would you like to contribute a bit please feel free to contact us. All efforts are appreciated and rewarded with a place in the list below, of course, the experience gained and the expansion of your own network!

Adin Mandžo
Adriaan Nieuwenhuis
André Aarntzen
Bastiaan Sanders
Berhard Gutjahr
Bernoud Jonker
Carol ter Stege
Charlene de Vries
Denise Zumbrink
Dianne Eldering
Ella Meulman
Ewout de Vos
Frank Jeuring
Gabe Dijkstra
Geert-Jan van Stiphout
Georg Smieszkol
Gerben Russchen
Gerrit Reukema
Gisella Stap
Harry Steernberg
Helen 张蕾
Hilka Schäfer
Hui Peng(彭辉)

Jaap Smit
Jan van de Maat
Jan van der Weide
Jan Vrielink
Jarno Lowijs
Jasper Stevens
Jefferey Oertel
Johannes Reiners
Jos Tuik
Junhao Xu 答复
Kay Paping
Kevin Ahrens
Kezia Theiss
Koen Ursem
Kristel Boxem
Laurens Hadderingh
Lorenzo Dolphijn
Luc Jansen
Maarten Roelofs
Mahmoud Aljabary
Mark Mulder
Markus Fuehler
Martijn de Wijk
Melissa Zumbrink
Michael Kes
Mike Smidth

Nick Timmer
Oksana Lanting
Patricia Kleiberg
Peter van Dijk
Philipp Hinrichsen
Piet van Elswijk
Qi Yuan
Remco Aarntzen
Rens de Kuijer
Rick Hendriks
Rizwan Matthew Saleem
Rolan Kolman
Roy Koch
Sabrina Setz
Sander Galestien
Sebastiaan Santing
Serkan Özkan
Shirlin 黄晓琳
Shiyin Wang (王诗尹)
Simon Alberts
Steffi Mühlenstadt
Tessa Roelofs
Tim Zwart
Tobias Hoffschröer
Tom Thier
Victor G.B. Peters
Wim Melenberg
Yan Zhu(朱妍)
Yesim Kaya
Yu Wang(王郁)
Zhenru Zhang(张真如)

Internship at LE-Network

Do you also want to be part of the huge network above?

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