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Innovative developments for education for more than 15 years!

Passionate for entrepreneurship

LE-Network is, as the word suggests, a large and enthusiastic network of partnerships. Our goal is to improve learning processes. By constantly improving the learning processes, they can become more effective, efficient, flexible and creative. For this we work with great passion on our products and services.

Learning while playing

We improve the learning processes by applying the edupreneurialmethod.

Action learning: Learning by doing!” So that you learn from your own experiences by learning while playing.

We have developed a number of products using the methodology. These products are devided in physical LEARN Games (Simulationgames) and digital LEARN GAMES plus the behavioral scans (Soft skill tests).

Challenging learning material

The LEARN Games are role-playing simulations that can be used to learn entrepreneurship, logistics or languages. The LEARN Games are currently being developed as a digital version which are played with the help of smartphones.

The behavioral style scans are soft Skill tests that give you insight into your personal behavior and actions, or the behavior of your team. For example, with respect to characteristic behavior characteristics. Whether dealing with conflicts, or with leadership and / or which learning style suits you best.

The Edupreneurialmethodcan be used for any subject. If you are looking for something that is not yet in the product range, or if you have an idea to improve the learning processes, please contactus to discuss the possibilities.

Because just because it does not yet exist does not mean that it cannot be made! After all, that is the power of innovation, it can always be better.

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Action learning, learning by doing!


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The Edupreneurial method

There is a complete science behind the Edupreneurial method. This was developed by Henk Roelofs. Henk has written a large number of publications that further explain the methodology.

You can find these publications and the accompanying LE Book on the scientific website:

The LEARN Games

Simulation games make learning from your own experiences possible. You learn from your own mistakes and successes in a safe learning environment. In an entrepreneurial way, you playfully gain those learning experiences: hence LEARN Games.

The complete range of LEARN Games can be viewed on our website catalog:

The behavioral style scans

With the behavioral style scans you gain insight into your personal behavior or the behavior of a team. For example, there are the individual scans and the team scans. For example about the approach to conflicts, about leadership and about learning concepts.

For an overview of the available scans, you can visit the behavioral style scans website:

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