• LE-Prohef


    Labour market game with social VAT

    “Activating the demand side of the labour market”

    LE-Prohef Het arbeidsmarktspel
    LE-Prohef is a game simulation designed to simulate a fundamental change in the approach to labour market The so-called “PROHEF” – system, which was designed by Piet van Elswijk, professor EOHS (economics on a human scale) at the Stenden university of professional education.

    LE-Prohef is developed after LE-Game gold, including also a labour market. The demand for labour arises because of the opportunity costs for the entrepreneur. This entrepreneur can increase his activities by hiring an employee. If so, he can produce more (= trade more LEGO towers, trade more raw materials like LEGO bricks or plates, produce more LEGO towers). Staying solely as entrepreneur in ‘his’ company he or she will miss the capacity to do so. The simulation game activates the demand for labour resulting from growth of added value. The Prohef system strengthens the demand for labour, especially if the “soft factors” (“soft skills”) will be activated.

    For educational settings:For companies and organizations:

    Simulate the labour market by playing

    Do you look for some different educational methods for teaching and learning aspects of the labour market, for human resource management? Teaching methods with the methodology of learning by playing? Simulation role games were participants all participate? Have fun together? And validate the learning process highly? Experience learning themselves and indicate they are learning a lot?
    We supply these enervating LE-Prohef simulations. Where practice and theory of the labour market is shown and visualized. In a simulation game participants will have unique educational experiences. Playful learning in simulations during ca. 2 hours.
    LE-Prohef is used among others at the School of Business in the study program and in the course Applied Business Administration in the Bachelor. Both in Dutch and in English.

    As an event

    Do you look for an event where your employees or team members learn to be more entrepreneurial towards the labour market? Where they activate their personal networks?
    Our role game simulations as has been proven, stimulate more entrepreneurial behaviour: more extrovert red (goal orientation, dominance) and yellow (influence, pleasure), as we can show with out behaviour style tests
    With our game simulations you upgrade your ‘learning’ organization regarding the labour market. Playfully. In a game simulation which will last ca. 2 hours.

    learning experiences

    • Personal networks help in finding a job.
    • The PROHEF system works fine.
    • Intermediaries may have a role as auctioneer or in supporting he process of supply and demand in the labour market.
    • Abroad is often “far away” seen, whereas this it only a false perspective.
    • Experience other (world) markets with different currencies.