• LE-Budget


    Game simulation about a budget managed (educational) organization

    “Education regarded as a ‘common’ production process”

    LE-Budget het Lump Sum spel
    LE-Budget focuses on business processes in budget-driven organizations. In particular, on the lump sum theme of schools. LE-Budget is a role-playing simulation that focuses on the operational management of the ‘production process in a school.

    In this way, we simulate the learning process of students in a school as a production process of ‘individual’ complex Lego Towers that should be built in the 8 groups (“production units”). The participants (teachers) have to organize the production process of some 20 students in a digital classroom. For each student there is a building plan available. Based on different colors, one can determine of the production process and the accompanying costs and / or contribution coverage.

    Applying this simulation in a different environment of other budget-driven organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, incidentally, is easy to achieve.

    In LE-Budget the focus is not limited to the hard economic topics of the operational processes, but there is also foces on the soft side of it: the influence of behavior and attitude on the choices made.

    For educational settings:For companies and organizations:

    Playfully dealing with budgets

    Are you looking for event to playfully deal with budgets? To simulate the use of budgets and to simulated the allowing of obtaining additional budget coverage? Gain experience in a role where all participants actually do participate? All have fun and appreciate it highly? Experiencing and also indicating that they have learned a lot?
    We supply the exciting LE-Budget game simulations.
    With this game simulation participants can gain a unique educational experience in dealing with budgets. In working in a budget-driven production organization. Where this production process both in theory and in practice is clarified playfully. In a game simulations that lasts ca.2 hours

    As an event

    Do you look for an event where your employees or team members learn to handle budgets? Take care for other participants with respect to their behavior and to their actions? Where they develop their personal networks?
    With our game simulations you upgrade your ‘learning’ organization. Playfully. In game simulations which last about 2 hours.

    Learning experiences

    • Introduction with a business simulation in the form of role game.
    • Introduction with the approach to regard the services of a school as a normal “production” processes (is experienced very visually!).
    • Take note of important characteristics of the flow of goods and the information flows.
    • Gain insight into tuning problems of business by “thinking in peronsal kingdoms”.
    • Consequences of the decision for the budgets are shown immediately
    • Financial consequences of any decision or action is illustrative excperienced.