• LA-Game


    The language game

    “Breaking the language barrier”

    LA-Game het talen spel
    LA-Game is a simulation game where in 2 hours, a simplified version of LE-Game is played in a foreign language. A version with only 7 colors of bricks (2×2 nods and 2×4 nods) and 7 colors of baseplates. This, as we know, speeds up the communication between the game participants. A communication that is supported by a “word fan” which in a convenient, useful way shows the various basic concepts and also several simple dialogues.

    In addition to the game simulation all kinds of activities are organized that are activating the 5 senses, thery stimulating memorization and supporting the learning process. (reference creation is the name for this). So you learn by using all your senses as much as possible. You feel, taste, smell, hear and see the foreign language and its associated culture while you are experiencing positive emotions in the deals you close during the game simulation . It works, as we know. You learn very quickly a basic vocabulary in a foreign language. For example Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Hindi but also languages ​​that are more familiar like German, Dutch or Frisian.

    For educational settings:For companies and organizations:

    Methods and tools to learn by playing

    Do you look for some different educational methods for teaching and learning a foreign language? Teaching methods with the methodology of learning by playing? Simulation role games were participants all participate? Have fun together? And validate the learning process highly? Experience learning themselves and indicate they are learning a lot?
    We supply these enervating LA-Game simulations.
    Participants can have unique educational experiences. Where making mistakes is regarded as positive contributing to their learning processes. Where is verified that indeed success drives success in acquiring competencies.
    Playful learning in simulations which will last some 2 hours
    LA-Game is used in courses at polytechnics (introduction Chinese)

    As an event

    Do you look for an event where your employees or team members learn something extraordinary, like some Chinese? Experience this foreign culture with all their senses? Get several unique experiences all together? Where they develop their personal networks?
    With our game simulations you upgrade your ‘learning’ organization. Playfully. In game simulations which will last some 2 hours.

    Learning experiences

    • Basic communication in a foreign language because of the learned basic vocabulary (eg, about 20 Chinese words or about athe same amount in Hindi as has been shown in the various tests, for more familiar languages ​​the learning effect is much larger)
    • The objective is to allow communication on the wellknown CEF A1 European level. That is realized for a large part (the writing skills less because this is not incorporated in the game simulation)
    • Introduction to the corresponding culture in a playfull way
    • All the senses are activated, leading to unique -personal- learning experiences