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    Edupreneurial learning and teaching

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    The simulation games LE-Games are divided into three main themes: learning in the field of entrepreneurship or getting an entrepreneurial attitude is the topic of LE-Game, logistics and business it is LO-Game and learning a basic vocabulary of a foreign language there is LA-Game. In addition to well known languages like Chinese, English, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, we also have versions in Drents (dialect), Gronings (idem), Fries and even in Kirundi (the language of Burundi).

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    Methods and tools to learn by playing

    Are you looking for different educational methods which are nicer and more effective? Teaching methods where you can learn by playing? Simulation role games where participants all participate, are having fun together and therefore validate the learning process more highly? Where they experience learning themselves and indicate they are learning a lot?

    We supply these energizing game simulations.

    Applicable in several levels of education (from primary schools to colleges or universities).
    Participants can have unique educational experiences. Where making mistakes is regarded as positive contribution to their learning processes. Where it is verified that success drives success in acquiring competencies.
    Playfully learning in simulations during 1 to 6 hours (when several versions are played in a sequence).

    As an event

    Are you looking for an event organized to develop the entrepreneurial skills for your employees or team members? Or a team session where they can learn a basic vocabulary of a foreign language in a very short time? Or to smooth business processes? Or make your team better in interpreting the individual behaviour in your team so they improve in the internal communication?

    With our game simulations you upgrade your ‘learning’ organization. Playfully. In game simulations which last from 1 hour to 6 hours (when multiple variants are played in succession)

    A simulation will taken time depending on the specific game, varying from 45 minutes to 3 hours- a break included. The simulation games can be booked as a single event or as part / parts of a course.

    LO-Game het logistiek spel


    In the Logistic simulation game ‘LO-Game’ the participants experience in their specific role the operations management and the logistic aspects of the internal business processes of a production organization.

    LE-Game het ondernemerschapsspel


    In the Entrepreneurship game ’LE-Game’ the participants experience all aspects of being an entrepreneur, like creating added value and constantly being exposed to competition. For more information, see our specific productpage.

    LA-Game leer talen


    In the Language Game ‘LA-Game’ particpants learn quickly and in a playful way, without books, a basic vocabulary of about 20 words of a new language. For more information, see our specific productpage.

    LE-Prohef Het arbeidsmarktspel


    LE-Prohef focuses on the demand side of the labour market. The simulations are experimenting with new systems of contributions, like the introduction of a social VAT.

    LE-Budget het Lump Sum spel


    LE-Budget is a simulation of services supplied by non-profit organizations that are managed by budgets, where operations as treated as a ‘normal’ production process! For example the production process of a school or the department of a hospital.