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    The measuring of (learning)experiences

    “The Δ in learning processes in 1 minute” Using smart phones at the role game simulations

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    Our LE-App, available for both in apple and android, makes it possible to measure instantly the learning (and teaching) effects. Of of our role game simulations instantaneously, but can also be used in other situations. For example of any teaching or learning experience can be measured. Actually : any experience. Did you have fun? Was is it good or bad? Which experience(s) do you highlight?
    Young students do such a test on their smart phones within 1 minute. Older adults (60+ etc) need 10-fold in time or more, as we experienced :). It might be the mindset of the new generation.
    For example in our simulations game we posed the questions like: “Did you experience taking risks”, and tested before and after the LE-Game (Learning Entrepreneurship- Game). Or the question: “Did you experience creating a better network”. Actually the number of questions that can be asked is almost infinite. We mostly use some 9 questions. Most of the time we ask 9 questions.
    Measured Measurement is done on a Likert scale from 1-5 scale, both the first time and also the second time. So you can measure the development Δ. Until now there are 3 different sets: emoticons, thumbs and the 1,2,3,4,5 scale.
    The development of LE-App was intended to measure the performances of participants in LE-Game, LO-Game and LA-Game. So we would be able to monitor the learning processes in a better way. And to assess that our simulations are indeed the learning and teaching method with the ‘largest impact’.
    Using LE-App we asked about the learning effects, by testing before and after the simulations LE-Game or LO-Game. The results confirmed what we actually already knew: the impact regarding the learning effects is indeed very large.

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    LE-App in Education

    The added value of LE-App lies in the assessment of learning (or teaching) experiences. For example of our role game simulations. But also for of any other course or teaching activity of from which you want to measure the effects of it.

    LE App: the measuring of effects

    Businesses or any other organizations can measure the effects of the experiences with the provided services. By testing at the beginning and at the end to measure developments. Or measuring only at the end to validate. determine customer satisfaction.

    Learning experiences

    Our tests showed for example at LO-Game that the the participants had acquired a clearly better insight in operations management. Also the data until now showed that “Learning from making mistakes?” generated the most positively emotions. So Karl Poppers’ theory “Lernen aus Fehlern” is somewhat confirmed.
    At LE-Game the results of LE-App showed that participants had created a better personal network and that they also had experienced the taking of risks.