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    For education and business organizations

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    In addition to various game simulations LE-Network also offers special learning software, when necessary also with expert support from our partners. For example, a learning software on the importance of behavioral styles to create better teams. Or to measure emotions during learning processes.
    Moreover we developed in cooperation with our partners a pedagogic concept (“easy to teach, easy to learn”) for the learning process of a vocabulary in all kind of languages. A piece of software, based on scientific knowledge about remembering these words during a specific learning process.
    Of course, the development does not stop: there is a continuous development with our partners in several projects of our credo: being and innovating the learning and teaching method with the larges impact.

    Look at our product portfolio of workshops. For more information about the products, please visit our product pages.

    For educational settings:For companies and organizations:

    Methods and tools to learn by playing

    Are you looking for other teachin and learning methods of learning, which are fun and very effective? Attractive teaching stuff with the support of experts in the field?

    We provide attractive learningsoftware.

    For all kinds of programs (universities, colleges even for primary schools)
    Participants will have a unique educational experience.

    As an event

    Are you looking for an event for your employees or team members to gain a fresh perspective on certain topics? Such as tailoring their behavior to their other team members? Or just “sales”?

    We provide attractive learning software.

    With our learning software you strengthen and develop your ‘learning’ organization.

    A workshop will taken time depending on the specific theme, variating from 45 minutes to 3 hours- a break included. All workshops can be booked as a single event or as part / parts of a course.

    LE-Behaviour de gedragsstijlscan


    The behaviour test is a method to quickly analyse your behavioural style in relation to your personal environment. For more information, see our specific productpage.


    Learning is even more effective, efficient, flexible and creative, by linking emotions to (learning) experiences with the smart phone application LE-App.

    LE-Voculearn Product Doosje


    The internet based program Voculearn is a learning tool to learn in a systematic way a large amount of “language data”.