• Chinese CEF A1 Niveau

    Chinese Common European Framework (CEF) A1 level

    Study program Chinese CEF A1 with LA-Game

    “Cross the language barrier!”

    LA-Game Chinese CEF A1 Niveau
    The study program Chinese consists of a series of workshops and lectures, preparing the participants for an effective participation in LA-Game Chinese at the end of these series. The content of the study program is depending on the level of the participants and of course on the budget. We conducted the study program both in primary schools and in universities.
    Most study programs have some 6-10 workshops or lectures, each lasting some 1 ½ hours (with a small break in the middle of the course).

    With these workshops and lectures we have added some preparation for LA-Game, indeed based on our experiences, to enhance the effectiveness of playing LA-Game.

    In the language game LA-Game the participants of this simulation game learn in a quick and playful way a basic vocabulary of approximately 20 words. During the simulation game the participants are allowed to communicate only in the specific language of that LA-Game. In this course this is Chinese.

    In addition to the game simulation all kinds of activities are organized that are activating the 5 senses, thereby stimulating memorization and supporting the learning process. (“Reference creation” is the name for this). So you learn by using all your senses as much as possible. You feel, taste, smell, hear and see the foreign language and its associated culture. It is the learning method with the largest impact.

    For educational settings:

    Study Programs using ‘action learning by playing’

    Are you looking for different educational methods for teaching and learning entrepreneurship? Teaching methods with the methodology of learning by playing? Simulation role games were participants all participate? Have fun together? And validate the learning process highly? Experience learning themselves and indicate they are learning a lot?
    We supply these enervating LA-Game simulations.
    Participants can have unique educational experiences. Where making mistakes is regarded as positive contributing to their learning processes. Where is verified that indeed success drives success in acquiring competencies.
    Playful learning in simulations which will last 1 to 6 hours (when several versions are played in a sequence, with breaks in between, of course).

    Learning experiences

    • basic vocabulary
    • Common European Framework (CEF) A1 level
    • Introduction to the Chinese culture