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    Stenden Hogeschool : Wegwijsdag 2016 met LE-Game

    Direction Day 2016 Stenden University Leeuwarden with LE-Game

    During the “Direction day” in which new potential students are informed about the courses International Marketing LE-Network has organized several workshops. Some 78 schoolchildren have participated the entrepreneurship game simulation LE-Game that activate and challenge these young people to develop an entrepreneurial attitude in trading their products in their own network of other participants.

    ABA Leeuwarden students experience LO-Game

    ABA Leeuwarden students experience a unique learning experience with LO-Game

    Students of ABA Leeuwarden are asked to share their “unique expierence” about playing LO-Game at the 3rd of June by the use of Dia’s.

    Stenden University Emmen plays LO-Game

    At 9th October, the participants of the EFLE conference at Stenden University played the LO-Game game simulation. This as part of a program “Green Logistics”

    Hogeschool Rotterdam logo

    Hogeschool Rotterdam Startup Week with LE-Game

    Wednesday afternoon, August 27th LE-Network took care of a part of the introduction program during the startup of week of students Logistics and Transport Management at Hogeschool Rotterdam.

    Stenden University: An entrepreneurial introduction

    Monday, August 25 Stenden University Emmen organizes study days start entrepreneurship game-Game Packs for new students in understanding of each other and the economics profession.

    Deltion College logo

    Deltion College plays realistic game simulation logistics

    On Friday, June 13 LE-Network hosted a two game simulations Logistic Operations (LO-Game) at Deltion College in Zwolle. For training Transportation and Logistics, there was a group of high school students who are using the simulation game gained insight into the logistics box. Thereafter, for first year students also provided a difficult game version to experience Managerial skills.

    86% of the participants of the entrepreneurship gets insight about their study profile choice

    By participating in the Entrepreneurship Game some 86% of the participants get to know more about the professionial requirements associated with the courses Commercial Economics and Business Economics. Some 80% of students particpating knows about the right profile they should choose, some 75% of the students refer to the simulation that teaches what to choose, 98.5% of them refer to the a high “learning by doing” of the simulation game.

    Kickoff with a simulation of the Youth Unemployment Action Plan Drenthe

    On Thursday December 12, 2013 LE-Network organized a simulation work during the kickoff event of the Youth Unemployment Action Plan Southeast Drenthe.