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    Optimal reflection when learning a language!

    Learn “language” systematically

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    The internet based program Voculearn is a learning tool to learn in a systematic way a large amount of “language data”. In most cases this will be words or sentences in the chosen language, but also some other topics can be integrated like list of medical vocabulary or learning multiplication tables The characteristic added value of Voculearn is the focus on reflection during the stepwise learning process.


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    LE-Voculearn in Education

    LE-Voculearn is applied for example in study programs with LA-Game to learn in a systematic way as much as possible language data.

    LE Voculearn: Learn “language” systematically

    LE-Voculearn offers the opportunity to learn in a systematic way as much as possible language data.

    Learning experiences

    “Wrong answers” are not shown.
    When a word is “known” , it appears for reflection again only after a certain period of time.
    An “unknown” appears and is offered for reflection the next day.
    It is not needed to work every day with the program, the program rearrange the time schedule to practise until maturity.
    An end date can be set on which topics should be taught.
    Suitable for multiple languages.
    Default lists or import lists.
    Lists may contain up to some 8,000 items.

    Language learning programm LE-Voculearn

    For more information on the language learning programm you can look at LE-Voculearn-product description (NL).