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    Dream, think and do

    Several schools and companies prefer it to acquire the game simulations of LE-Network themselves. So they are free to use these game simulations in their educational process at any time. The same applies to the behavior style scans of LE Behaviour, to be able to use them when considered necessary. For example, to take care that there are different behavioral styles present in teams.
    In general, such a license is based on an agreement based on the estimated use. This will create a win-win situation, in which, for example, travel costs and organizational costs can be saved. This fits in the objective and the mission of LE-Network being a “socially responsible, edupreneurial” organization. After all, it will increase and intensify the network of LE-Network.

    License Agreement – LE-Games(NL)

    License Agreement – LE-Behaviour(NL)