• Methodology

    Methodology: Edupreneurial

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    Often it takes time and a lot of effort to make the first move in to a new business, processes or material to gain knowledge. Often other issues are far more important than paying attention to the “change in process.” A week, or months long courses can be a waste of time while they are not intending to control the theory perfectly. Understanding and better communication also has to be sufficient.

    Learning processes without the use of dusty books?

    Switching to another process by learning through conventional methods often requires effort and time. Often you will simply not be ready and stay motivated throughout this learning process. Therefore, teaching materials, textbooks and handouts are only limited to the book racks. Therefore LE-Games use a much faster and practical approach towards learning.

    Learning by playing

    Learning is a matter of experience and reference. Through our experiences we gather information which we then give a place in our reference, the ‘image’ how we perceive the world. The results of this process anchor itself through our emotions in our reflexes that govern our behaviour and our communication styles. Things take a better root only when we feel ‘right’ about them. With us you learn by doing, using your own learning experiences. You mainly learn by yourself!

    Scientific support: Henk Roelofs

    Henk Roelofs
    For more than 10 years Henk Roelofs experiences that his developed role game simulations create very effective learning processes. “Edupreneurial, has always been my passion,” he says. With the aid of his game simulations and his developed behavioral style scan, several articles have been presented at various international conferences. Also, some publications have been published in international magazines.
    More information about the science behind the methodology “Edupreneurial” can be found on the Edupreneurial website.