• Internship at LE-Network

    Internship at LE-Network

    LE-Network will welcome any student. In our small organization, normally several projects are carried out that can support their learning processes. Furthermore, this is in accordance with our mission: “entrepreneurial education” (Edupreneurial)
    In the past we have had many students at LE-Network who have completed part of their studies: especially MBO and HBO, from various courses.

    The monitoring is done –next to Henk Roelofs and Ronald Zuidema- specifically by Harry Steernberg. Harry has a lot of experience in this matter as a human resources director at TVM and also in education as a member of the Advisory Board of the International Learning Companies at Stenden university. This monitoring is done to meet de requirements of the systems of the MBO / HBO involved.

    Should specific guidance be necessary, we will activate the network of LE- Network for this purpose. In this network we do have sufficient knowledge and experience in many areas, to meet specific requirements in the monitoring process.

    No more dusty books to learn

    Learning without dusty books

    Actual internships

    We offer students, several possibilities for such an internship:

    • CE students for (international) marketing tasks
    • Logistics students for the development of our LO-Games (Logistic games)
    • Language Students and pedagogy students for the development of our LA-Games (Language games) on several levels of education
    • Multimedia and communication students for an (even) better implementation of our communication strategy and to develop the use of new media in our complex role-playing games.
    • ICT students for the development of specific applications that can be applied in the complex role games
    • Etc.

    Do you want additional information about one of our Internships?

    Are you interested in an internship at LE-Network? Feel free to contact us.