• About LE-Network

    About LE-Network

    The mission and vision of LE-Network

    People Planet Profit Passion
    The key in LE-Network’s mission statement is being a socially responsible edupreneurial organization. In our vision the well known three P’s of Corporate Social Responsibility, namely “People”, “Planet” and “Profit” are based on a fourth P: “Passion”. A passion that we see evoking because of the synergy between entrepreneurship and education: “edupreneurial”.
    True passion is not fake, it ensures authenticity that strengthens everyone’s positioning in their personal network. Passion for entrepreneurial education at LE-Network enhances everyone’s reputation capital.
    The mere existence of LE-Network therefore is not only based on the professionals operating in LE-Network but especially based on an enthusiastic and large network of supporters and volunteers.

    The people behind LE-Network

    LE Network has over 10 years experience with role play simulations. LE Network in its 13 years of existence, has always been a dynamic environment. In its organization it is the people who see opportunities and challenges to get the organization and themselves to a higher level. So a flexible organization with highly innovative power. A network organization based on the added value of each individual.
    Many persons have contributed, offered support and thought with us. The executing core of the organization in the last decennium has been formed by:

    Henk Roelofs

    The man behind the scientific support and founder of the game simulations ans behaviour style scans. Several publications presented at different conferences and published in international magazines are showing this. An overview of abstracts you can find at the download page, more information is presented at edupreneurial.com

    Ronald Zuidema

    Director, simulation game manager , developer and organizor of concepts and workshops. Likes to meet and discuss with you about this learning and teaching methodology with the largest impact.

    Harry Steernberg

    The man at LE-Network who has specific expertise in human resource management and organizes the coaching and monitoring of students doing their intership or final degree thesis at LE-Network. This implies more than just a nice and innovative internship. Also approriate reporting and accountability of the process is required.
    More information about new available internships or final thesis opportunties can be found here.

    Mahmoud Aljabary

    Mahmoud Aljabary is with his company m06 an important partner in the technical development of our game simulatons. By his company several apps are developed that can be applied during the game simulations of LE-Network. Because m06 is located next to LE-Network, there can be responded fastly on challenges due to innovations in our game simulations and finetune the development of apps

    Piet van Elswijk

    LE-ctor dr Piet van Elswijk is the initiator of the “Prohef”system, that activates the labor market from the demand side. It is a system of “social VAT”, where labor implies labor costs only when it is contributing to the production of the organization. So when it succeeds in creating extra added value. This concept has led to the development of the LE-Prohef simulations. Experiments showed f.e. that activating the personal network is useful in the Prohef-system to create jobs.

    Qi Yuan

    Program developer and teacher of LA game, highly creative individual that implementing Henk Roelof’s teaching theory into real practise by mixing sound, image, smell, and story telling into complex and active learning environment. Have teaching experience from primary school to high school, able to create flexible program welcomed by different target groups.

    Hilka Schaefer

    Hilka Schäfer

    The development of the game simulations LA-Game German/Dutch is my focus. This fits with my background as a marketing student and adds on to my personal experiences. The vision of “entrepreneurial learning”, making it work in practice, while contributing to innovation in learning processes, is something that inspires me. To intergrate the ‘old’ characteristics of learning processes and the new technical possibilities of today, is a beautiful challenge.

    Oksana Lanting

    Oksana Lanting

    My backgroud is Russian. As a translater I did participate at the PSO (Cooperation Program Eastern Europe) of economic aid projects in the Ukraine and Russia. At LE-Network my contribution is focused on the ‘Russian’ elements (website and LA-Game Russian). Originally I graduated as an engineer in watermanagement, so something completely different. Especially the new learning and teaching approach of LE-Network is attractive for me.

    Lorenzo Dolphijn

    Lorenzo Dolphijn

    As a student Business Economics I do my internship at LE-Network. Here I am supporting PR (I’m also responsible for the website of the student association Dyonysus and I do some work as a volunteer for RTV Emmen). My topic is doing research and helping with development of a business simulation game which is measuring business economic consequences of management decisions. Goal is the development of a kind of (in)competence index voor business decisions. My ambition is to be an entrepreneur in the future.

    Other Support

    LE Network owes its existence on its the position at the intersection of education and business with several experts as partners. With sustainable mutual win-win relationships: the network of LE-Network

    Where support is and has been offered by:

    LE-Network as an innovative company

    Stagnation means decline, is a famous saying. It shows clearly that it is necessary for any organization to respond to new developments. The world is constantly changing. Continuously insights are changing, as are market demands, stakeholders and techniques. The opportunities that exist to address these new issues should be exploited, as much as possible.
    The organization of LE-Network has the strategy of “constructive opportunism”. Here we do not try to be in strict control at all times and to schedule tightly, but we focus on reacting to what is happening today and consider what the best next step will be to take. An important fact is that we have experienced that the teams continously are changing and so are the goals we pursue.
    For the organization this means that it requires a permanent dialogue between team members: where is our goal today and what has changed? We then choose the next step that brings us closer, to this goal, without knowing exactly what to do next. At LE-Network we operate according to this system for many years now. Because we have experienced that the teams and thus the achievable goals-always are changing.
    Review the current innovations here!