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    Lego Tower 1

    Experience the teaching & learning method with the very largest impact (Most effective within a limited time)! LE-Network offers a variety of role game simulations (serious gaming, all since 2002), where we use (and re-use) LEGO bricks and where we are generally operating without any computer. A very interactive, a real life experience for the participants.
    A role game simulation as an event in itself or applied in educational programs.
    More information about our simulation games, workshops and courses can be found on the specific product pages.

    LO-Game logistics simulation games


    In the Logistic simulation game ‘LO-Game’ the participants experience in their specific role the operations management and the logistic aspects of the internal business processes of a production organization. For more information, see our specific productpage.

    LE-Game entrepreneurship simulation games


    In the Entrepreneurship game ’LE-Game’ the participants experience all aspects of being an entrepreneur, like creating added value and constantly being exposed to competition. For more information, see our specific productpage.

    LA-Game language simulation games


    In the Language Game ‘LA-Game’ particpants learn quickly and in a playful way, without books, a basic vocabulary of about 20 words of a new language. For more information, see our specific productpage.

    LE-Behaviour Personality test


    The behaviour test ‘LE-Behaviour’ is a method to quickly analyse your behavioural style in relation to your personal environment. For more information, see our specific productpage.

    LE App Doosje


    Learning is even more effective, efficient, flexible and creative, by linking emotions to (learning) experiences with the smart phone application LE-App.


    Adress change LE-Network office

    As of March 1, LE-Network is located on the Dordsestraat 33. Thereby the company remains on a quite central location in Emmen. Moreover, the biggest advantage is that parking is free of charge for everyone who visits the company.



    • Simulation games
    • Courses
    • Workshops


    • Elementary school students
    • Polytechnic and university students
    • Employees
    • Teams


    • Playful learning by doing (Action learning)
    • No dusty books
    • Acquire competencies: knowledge, skills, attitudes & behaviour
    • Starting at €12,50 per participant


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